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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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What is Lost about, exactly? It is a show about a battle for control over a magical island. It has time travel, electromagnets which can destroy the world, smoke monsters... It is ridiculous crap, but it is entertaining and is very well produced.
Re-posted for truth.

And for all those who would argue that Lost's tight, serialized storytelling is one of its greatest strengths, know also that it is one of its greatest liabilities. To anyone who wasn't intiated early on, Lost is impenetrable. It's lucky to have sustained its core audience for so long, because I don't see it picking up any new viewers.

Maybe people on the outside looking in see Galactica similarily, but it's not true, and certainly not to the extent that it's true for Lost. Galactica has always been a character-driven show, whereas Lost has always struck me as a plot-driven show (though its clear Locke is a popular character). And plot-driven shows are always harder to get into than character-driven shows. Always.

Lost fans can have the tight, serialized storytelling that they criticize Galactica for not having. I think Galactica will have the last laugh. In this era of DVD/Blu-ray, I think Galactica will sustain itself more successfully than Lost, thanks to its more accessible, character-driven stories and shorter season count, compared to 6-7 seasons of Lost that offer nothing but dense, plot-driven, insider-friendly stories. If you're someone who has to choose a show to jump in to, it's hard to deny Galactica's appeal -- especially when the quality-level of each show (Galactica and Lost) is so equally high.
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