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make a new cartoon?

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Beacuse Star Trek's success will send a clear message: Trek 2.0 is here to stay and Trek 1.0 has gone the way of the dodo bird.
Yes Star Trek (2009 feature film) will be a commercial success and then what? no other Star Trek feature has been greenlit, written, or in production so that means nothing until at least 2011 other than Blu-Ray re-releases of past projects.

Too Much Fun wrote:
it's just not possible because the landscape in television has changed too much since the '70s.
Animated programs on the Cartoon Network are no longer aimed at kids under 15.
although ST has a limited older fanbase but like punkydrewster wrote:
They could make a profit off of just the fan base with direct to dvd.
Aquehonga wrote"
A new cartoon, made right, ought be canonuous with the rest of Trek.
I would like to see some designs used from either the TOS, TNG, Star Trek VI, or Enterprise. Actual blueprints for sets to create CGI sets. Actual blueprints used to create models of ships used that are recreated in CGI.
There is a fanbase willing to pay for more visual entertainment (other than books or videogames) be it live-action or animated series or movies.
So even if they use just voices from the actors who formerly acted their character in live-action it would be similar to TAS in 1973-1974. Get TAS DVDs and check out Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley along with most of the rest voicing their animated characters. If Paramount did it not on a tighter budget like TAS was but more like 'SW:The Clone Wars' movie or a CGI animated Trek miniseries.
I'd really like to see something like the 60 minutes of CGI animated cinematics in-game created for "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" that was released September 2008.
If Paramount was capable of creating gorgeous CGI like that trailer I'd buy a Blu-Ray of a 4 hour miniseries in HD 1080p.

For a CGI animated show we've been talking about any of the music from ST: TNG, Voyager, Enterprise could be re-used. Really. There are hundreds of hours to choose from.

It doesn't have to be a super-epic taking 18 mohths to create like a 6 month delay of ST (2009 feature film). Good script, great CGI, sound FX, and reused music. Keep it closer to the 'Battlestar Galacticas' miniseries in terms of budgets.
As far as using the original ST:TOS characters I'd also like to explore the time period from STII to STVI.
Hell I'd also like to see George Takei voicing Hikaru Sulu, captain of the USS Excelsior (just like he did in ST:VI) but all on a CGI Excelsior. And they could even make the CGI Takei look like he did in 1990 when they shot ST:VI.

Paramount would be taking risks of not confusing new fans from ST 2.0 but a miniseries on TV with older characters broadcast in February 2010 would be okay I think as they would get their Christmas sales in 2009 without confusion.

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