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Re: Did Enterprise happen in this Star Trek's past?

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I'm pretty sure it was linked to on these boards (frankly, i don't go very much else for Trek news). Give me a bit to find it.
Yeah, of course. Thanks.
No problems

Okay, I found *a* link. It might not be *the* link, but I suppose it says enough about the timeline as it is:

You can also say that I probably extrapolated some details for myself (or rather, put words in the writers' mouths). The article does indeed say that Nero's attack on the Kelvin is the pivotal moment that changes the timeline. What I took from it was how technology changed as a result of the attack, which was a bit of biased premature wishful thinking on my part. But the writers do go out of their way to use the Kelvin attack to explain why the Enterprise is built in Iowa instead of San Francisco like in TOS.
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