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Re: The Wii Zapper: simply AWESOME! Ultimate Target Master!

I got one of the knockoff Wii Zappers... the one from Nyko I think. It's fun to boot up House of the Dead and Ghost Squad with it. It's far from perfect though.

I don't think I'm a fan of the 'jack of all trades' wiimote. Point it at the screen, it's a gun! Turn it on its side and it's a steering wheel! I'd be a much happier camper if real high quality peripherals like flight sticks, steering wheels, and light guns (I'm talking arcade version of Ghost Squad MP5 light gun here) were on the market and WELL SUPPORTED. But that will never happen.

I hear Burnout Paradise is hitting PC soon with support for multiple monitors (I have three 1920x1200 24" Samsung LCDs). Maybe I'll pick that up, there are probably good wheels available for PC somewhere.
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