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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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I'm curious about something. I've barely watched Lost (More like never other than a few clips here and there) and people call it the most imaginative, creative thing on TV. Now not knowing the context, I do know that the show has been doing a time travel theme lately. Given people's attitudes about time travel in Star Trek, and how that theme is such an old plot device anyway, why do people praise Lost so much again?
For me it works. Give it Lost a try from the beginning on DVD. Watch it in order. Given your posts, I think you'll like it. As I've said, I prefer BSG's premise but end up enjoying Lost more because the execution is so much better. At least it has been for the last couple of years. There was one year or so where Lost didn't get it quite right. Too much stalling, or filler, as we're calling it here with character moments. Sound familiar? But, unlike BSG, the Lost writers adapted and man oh man the series has really been banging away on all cylinders. So, don't give up on it when you get to that patch of filler episodes.

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