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Re: Did Enterprise happen in this Star Trek's past?

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^Wibbly wobbly... timey wimey.
Wrong forum.

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And then there's the entire "Temporal Cold War" which may or may not have happened
This may be *part* of the TCW. Who knows, Daniels' group may yet send operatives back to prevent Nero's birth or something.
It would be cool if we finally found out who Future Guy was, like if Nero said something along the lines that he tried to meddle in the 22nd century but it didn't work, so now he's trying it in the 23rd.
Future Guy DID have pointy ears...

As for First Contact, one of the great things about the alternate universe theory of time travel is that it prevents the grandfather paradox. You can change an event in the past that would ordinarily mess up the time travelers from the future because the time travelers' timeline still exists. At the point of Nero's incursion into the past, there are now multiple timelines, the Roddenberry/Berman timeline (universe A) and the Abrams timeline (universe B). Both have the same past, featuring the Enterprise E showing up from the future and the Borg that were left behind in Regeneration. The Enterprise E may never exist, or at least exist the same way in universe B. However, universe A still exists, from which the Enterprise E came, so the E still shows up in the A-B joint past.

Of course, there would actually be more than just the two universes, not only because of all the time travel events in Star Trek history, but because every possible outcome of every event exists according quantum theory, which Bob Orci is famous for saying (repeatedly) that the film is using for their time travel theory.
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