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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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Good question. My favorite videos are probably the engine room walkabout and the turbolift trip from the bridge to the engine room.

Off-topic, I see that you're also working on a VRML representation of the Millennium Falcon. Are you basing your work on Robert Brown's long-defunct "Ship of Riddles" site?
So you know the site - there's a guy with a blog supposed to be making a physical life-sized model of the Falcon and he resurrected the "Ship of Riddles" site, coincidentally just when I was looking for deckplans.

Shame George Lucas' team didn't really care to make the inside and outside fit together.

I'm working on it - still not working yet - I recently found a resolution that fits some more of it together without any nasty work-arounds. All I had to do was build it in VRML and walk around in it for a while.
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