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Re: Are "Watchmen" & "Back to the Future II" in the same Alternate 198

Leseee...for the most part, no. But, if timelines sometimes merge as well as diverge, Biff, by winning huge from 55 on, could have caused a ripple effect. Let's say that, in every reality, there is a Jon Osterman working on this intrinsic field project. Some succeed, some fail, and in some small handful, he undergoes the change. Even in these, he mostly dissipates, unable to reform. The Watchmen universe is nearly unique in that he reforms and masters his powers.

Big winnning Biff wins a lot of money that might have otherwise stayed in the hands of the rich people we know. This causes a tax problem in some areas (Biff isn't big on paying up) and in a budget crisis, Eisenhower orders cuts that take out the intrinsic field project. Now, none of the BTTF timelines include Osterman becoming DM. Maybe they never included the Minutemen either, or maybe they were just the kind of past fad that Marty & Jen might see on E! while channel-surfing. But because Biff's winnings are based on a timeline violation, a ripple effect occurs and some of the more Watchmen-leaning elements begin to emerge. Its not hard to think of Eddie Blake glomming onto a meal-ticket like Biff, whose rah-rah view of things would have him funding Nixon and right-wing groups. Eddie might have even shown Biff how to really use a gun effectively. Biff, with more money than he knew what to do with, would be a kind of funding-type DM, keeping protest groups down and helping manipulate public opinion into staying the course and keeping Tricky Dick afloat. To complete the picture, its possible that, by 1985, actual Russian troops would be on the VC side, keeping their adventurism in check as well.

Once Marty and Doc destroyed the book, the timelines de-coupled. Eddie Blake likely died in a teenage brawl, and the intrinsic field project sadly went nowhere, only noted by people like Emmett Brown. In post-movie 1985, the only remnant of the merger is Marty being nudged hard by Jennifer for suggesting she dress up like Silk Spectre from that old superhero serial.

But for the most part, no.

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