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Re: if Chakotay doesn't have a last name, when he gets married...

Okay, I've consulted with my fellow mods in the BR and we're going to give this another try. If anyone is still interested in the original topic of (checks subject line) last name issues if Chakotay were to get married then have at it.

Guy Gardener: You may or may not have been aware that "squaw" was derogatory when you used it. I know it's next to impossible to avoid offending someone on the Internet but when it happens a simple "I'm sorry I did not mean to offend you." can go a long way in avoiding drama. If the person you offended won't accept the apology then it becomes THEIR problem, not yours. Your overreaction only made things worse. Next time you offend someone (hey, there's always a next time for all of us) aplogize then BACK OFF.

teya: I can sympathize with being annoyed at all the racial and gender garbage that goes on around here. Unfortunately, we can't moderate the attitudes of those who post here. All we can do is strike a balance between the right to free speech and the desire to make the forum a place that's comfortable for anyone to post in. It's a compromise that means walking a fine line and how to best walk that line is an ongoing discussion in the BR.

In the meantime, if anything bothers you the thing to do is either pm the poster in question or hit the "Notify" link with your complaint. This generates an automated message to the forum mods that all the other mods and admins can also see in the BR. Getting into it with another poster ruins the thread for all the other posters.

If either of you have any questions or comments then please feel free to pm me.

Okay, everyone can get back into the pool now.
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