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Bill Morris
Re: Ambassador class

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I'm a little mixed about Jackill's torpedo placement - I always kind of figured it was in the neck. It seems more plausible on FJ's designs because of how the component shapes differ.
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Oh, agreed, I just think it's interesting. IIRC, Sternbach specified them to be on the lower neck, but Greg Jein accidentally left them off the model.
Right. I guess I should move the forward torp launcher in my figure up a couple of decks but not high enough to be aming at the sensor dome.

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Ah, I'd nearly forgot that little issue over at Drex's blog of the Ambassador's 'real' length a few weeks back.

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Wait a minute, folks; if I remember that thread correctly we all began to think of a 478m figure for Ambassador length, but later discussion in that forum link led to a reassessment of 526m after all.

Can someone post a link to that discussion for us to see? I may not be remembering correctly.
Here's the thread where Rick Sternbach gave us a clarification about that story in the Drex Files article regarding the length of the Ambassasor class.

Apparently, we should hold off on that for now and stay with 526 meters.
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