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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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- turbolift user interface. What design did you come up with?
Thank you FalTorPan!
Here's a pic of the menu system I built which you can see on YouTube in a video in which I actually take the turbolift from the bridge to primary engineering:

It's basically a javascript drop-down menu system that appears inside the turbolift when you click on the handles that look like dust-busters!

In the video, you can see out the "window" of the turbolift as the ship passes by, as the turbolift itself spins 180 degrees, drops 6 decks and then heads aft. The doors didn't open at the end of the trip - still not sure how to handle this in javascript!

I figured that this menu idea was the best option.

Thanks again for your interest and your compliments!
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