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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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Lost is better in any number of ways IMO:
I've watched Lost since it first aired in my country four years ago and I've been a fan since the third episode. I love the show, I think it is good popcorn entertainment which has moments of greatness, but I prefer BSG.

-it balances expertly both character and plot much better
Sometimes, certainly not in its first three seasons. I was so unbelievably pissed off back in season one where they had a big cliffhanger moment where they introduce the hatch, and the next week they don't advance that story at all but rather tell a stupid story about how Kate is a whiny bitch who needs to be hit repeatedly with a shovel until she stops moving.

-it is much more imaginative in its concepts and ideas
What is Lost about, exactly? It is a show about a battle for control over a magical island. It has time travel, electromagnets which can destroy the world, smoke monsters... It is ridiculous crap, but it is entertaining and is very well produced.

BSG, for all its flaws, tries to be about something and it has ever since Adama gave his "worthy for survival" speech in the miniseries. It has since become a show about the inherent destructive nature of mankind and how we are doomed to repeat a cycle of war. I can't judge whether it will all work out until I see the finale, but I still have to give them credit for trying.

-it has better plot twists and revelations
I have to agree with sidious, Crossroads did contain the mother of all revelations. Lost has some excellent twists (Michael shooting Anna-Lucia and Libby, Ben shooting Locke, the flash-forward in Through the Looking Glass), but I still don't think they are at the same level as Crossroads.

And Lost has an annoying habit of ending every episode on a cliff-hanger, even if it isn't very good. Ben revealing how he would trick and capture Sayid if he was an Other back in season 2 was very well acted, but the next episode begins by him saying that he was only joking. If you don't have a cliff-hanger then don't pretend that you do.

-it has mastered alternating storylines to the point where every thread is engaging and holds your interest.
Kate's story has never held my interest.

-It has far more characters you actually care about
If Locke was written out then I probably wouldn't care about the show anymore. Desmond, Sayid and Sawyer are all okay, Jack is much better now than he was in the early seasons, but Locke is the glue that keeps me stuck to the show. I'll elaborate about Ben below.

-Its villians are much more interesting. I'll take Ben or Widmore over Zarek or the Cylons.
No. Ben was great back in season 2 when we was pretending to be Henry Gale, he quickly became my favourite character on the show. But in season 3 he became very boring until Locke showed up about half-way through the season. He was okay in season 4, he was magnificent in The Shape of Things to Come, but so far in season 5 his only good scene was with Locke.

Ben is a great character when paired with Locke, but once you remove Locke from Ben's story he just becomes a boring character. Ben is Locke's antagonist, he isn't good at being anything else.

As for Widmore, he has been in a handful of episodes and has never struck me as being all that interesting.

Baltar is the villain of BSG, and he is far better than either Ben or Widmore. He is a good guy whose demons keep on forcing him into doing the wrong thing. He is a narcissist who hates what he is, he is a great character who has been badly utilised this season.

-And most importantly it is more fun and entertaining.
And that is almost all it is. It is a fun show with great character moments, but it is closer to The Da Vinci Code than Lord of the Flies.
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