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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

I know this is a bit late but I have decided to take this essay in a slightly different direction. Below is my introduction to this new essay. I hope that you enjoy it and all comments and suggestions are eagerly accepted!)

Why the Cardassians?

The purpose of this essay is to establish the reasons why the Cardassians enjoy such a respectable fanbase and what this means for the Trekverse in general. I will be using my own interpretations and opinions in this essay in the hope that this would inspire some debate on this subject.
One of the main problems with being a cardassian fan is reconciling any interest or affection for the Cardassians with their canonal appearances and perceived modus operandi as established in TNG, DS9 and VGR. In TNG the Cardassians are a race of brutal deceitful conquerors that utilise torture as a means of getting intelligence and work to undermine the heroic Federation at every turn. (However the first ever Cardassian episode the wounded paints an intriguing and ultimately redeeming portrayal of the Cardassian people. I will discuss this is more depth below). Deep Space Nine has the most interaction with the Cardassians in any trek series so most of what we know about the Union and its people is gathered from the many brilliant episodes that make DS9 trek’s greatest series. With VGR this portrait takes a dip back into the lazy negative stereotypes of the Cardassians though the characters of Seska and Crell moset , I would argue that Nothing Human has one of the worst and most ill timed examination of the Cardassian psyche, coming as it does during the awesome Final Chapter of DS9.
All three star trek series and their examination of the Cardassians will be explored in more depth later on in this essay. I will also be looking at Union politics, culture and their military. My aim is to establish just why the Cardassians hold such a special place in the annuals of Science Fiction.

(NB I hopefully plan to write quite a long essay on this subject so rather than make one very long post I will post a number of smaller essays on each particular aspect of the Cardassians. )
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