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Re: Facebook... officially lame

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Ack! My Dad just friend-requested me.

I'm mostly worried about him asking me about one of the BBS people I've friended on facebook...not sure how I'd explain that one, since he doesn't get the whole 'online community' thing and would probably think doubleoh or someone will use my info to find and murder me - not that I put my address on facebook, 'cause I don't.
^ That would actually be why I never told my parents about Myspace or Facebook... my dad never wanted us to have one because he is worried about us kids getting raped by a 65 year old guy named Bubba while he steals our identity. Too bad he doesn't realise that common sense is a pretty good defence against that sort of stuff.
I figure if someone wants to murder me, they can do so here randomly. There's no need to learn my identity and stalk me to do it.
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