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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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Lost is better in any number of ways IMO:
-it balances expertly both character and plot much better
Eh, otherwise than John Locke non of Lost's characters match the excellence of Adama, Roslin, Tigh and Tyrol in terms of character arc. Plotwise the whos are different and it's tough to compare.

-it is much more imaginative in its concepts and ideas
Not much I can argue with there otherwise than to say that I disagree.

-it has better plot twists and revelations
That's like saying that The Twilight Zone has better spooky stories than The West Wing. BSG isn't all about big plot twists. As far as revelations go nothing on Lost can beat Crossroads, Parts One and Two when it comes to revelations. Locke's wheelchair reveal comes close but it occurred so early on when we didn't have as much attachment to the character.

-it unabashedly embraces its mythology and its serialized nature to where it dedicates every episode to it not just ever so often. Lost is a series that actually makes the most of serialization in a way I've really never seen before.
There were tons of episodes during the first three seasons that did not do that.

-it actually remembers its numerous threads and develops them whereas BSG which isn't nearly as ambitious in terms of what it has to keep up with forgets them or drops them altogether.

-It has a cast as large as BSG but it juggles them around giving them more to do and bringing them more effectively into the story than BSG.
Dude, they wrote Claire out for a whole season.

-the writers are better at making material fit in the episode without losing important scenes.
Eh, I don't think that's much of anything.

-it is better paced and covers ground like there is no tomorrow. Every episode is crammed to the point where it is overflowing with story.
But BSG is moreof a character show than a plot show. Always has been.

-it has mastered alternating storylines to the point where every thread is engaging and holds your interest.
Uh, no. The flashbacks were hit and miss. Kate is always boring. The Oceanic Six onland stories left a bit to be desired.

-it knows how to develop a season long arc and to actually execute a slow burn and build up to the finale instead of the puttering BSG has a bad habit of doing.
BSG is firing on all cylinders in my book.

-It has far more characters you actually care about
Uh uh. I love Locke but otherwise than him none of the characters match Laura, Bill and Tigh for me.

-It doesn't resort to the stylish pretentious habit that BSG has of the close up shaky camera on the actor as their face contorts in a grimace in order to notify the audience that a dramatic scene is in progress.
I think it works fabulously.

-Its villians are much more interesting. I'll take Ben or Widmore over Zarek or the Cylons.
Again, apples and oranges.

-And from a purely structural standpoint Lost is a work of art and form as far as its assembly. How the writers put each episode and season together of such a complex series with the grueling demanding schedule of a weekly network series impresses the hell out of me.
Now that they have shorter seasons. When Lost had longer seasons they struggled quite a bit.

-And most importantly it is more fun and entertaining.
Like most of your points that's too subjective.
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