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Re: My Name Is Bruce

On a whim, I decided to rent this. I watched it earlier tonight. Very cheesy, very low-budget, very overacted... in short, everything you'd expect from a Bruce Campbell film about Bruce Campbell.

For a rental, it was decent. It actually did have some genuinely funny moments, and a few lines even made me laugh out loud -- which isn't always an easy feat. However, as others have said, I wouldn't recommend it to non-Bruce fans. Even for moderate Bruce fans like myself, it can get tiresome -- the shoestring budget was painfully obvious (even though the filmmakers probably made no effort to hide this fact), and many of the actors are of limited skills (you definitely won't find them in any A-list productions any time soon). It was a pleasant enough diversion for the evening, but I doubt I'll feel compelled to rewatch it any time in the future.

Some of the extras were amusing (although the main "making-of" featurette went on a bit too long). And man, does Bruce ever enjoy flipping people off!
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