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BTW, for anyone who hasn't already heard, "The Beatles: Rock Band" game is set for release this September.

The beauty is, they MUST have picked the release date with John in's 09/09/09. And what with his #9 obsession (Revolution 9, Number 9 Dream, born October 9th, Sean born October 9th), it makes perfect sense it was intentional.
Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if there is really much of a market for a Beatles version of "Rock Band?" I mean, I wouldn't imagine that the Beatles are really popular among the Rock Band/Guitar Hero crowd, who tend to gravitate toward heavy metal and hard rock.

I can see the Aerosmith and Metallica games being wildly popular. The Beatles? Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see a standalone Beatles game doing as well, particularly with people who already have Rock Band and/or Guitar hero. They should have just made the songs available as DLC for anyone who wanted them - I think they're overreaching with a standalone game.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe loads of 17-year-old gamers want to rock out on their Xbox 360s to "Yellow Submarine."

And yes, I know the average videogame player is something like 34 years old these days. Heck, I'm 38 and I play my 360 just about every single day, for at least a few minutes. But I'm guessing the average hardcore Beatles fan is in his 50s, which just isn't a particularly big demographic for video games.
My boss who is a ex member of a punk band and a huge Beatles fan loves Rock Band.
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