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I'm just wondering if everything is okay with the site / contributors etc.? Normally, news flows constantly. For the last three-four weeks, it's been all quiet on the western front--only the once weekly episode review. Now, there's fairly big trek news cycling out again (e.g., the pretty amazing fourth trailer for the new movie) and not a peep from treknation.

What's going on? Please don't tell me the site is in danger of shutting down! Hailing frequencies open?
Where are you browsing exactly?

I installed a new news system which has meant news is being put into a new place. The links down the right links to those news stories, and shows those news stories.

However TrekNation is probably not showing much activity, do you go by there?
Just out of habit, I enter through
I use the column on the left side of the treknation mainpage to follow news updates. I just made a copy of that column--this is what shows up for me:

Mar 6 - Retro Review: Identity Crisis
LaForge learns that every officer on an away mission to Tarchannen Three years earlier has begun to transform.
Feb 28 - Retro Review: Night Terrors
The crew is trapped in a rift in space where lack of dreams causes psychosis.
Feb 20 - Retro Review: Galaxy's Child
While the crew fights to save an alien baby, LaForge tries to bond with Leah Brahms.
Feb 14 - Retro Review: First Contact
Riker's identity is discovered by a culture fearful of the idea that they are not alone in the galaxy.
Feb 13 - Star Trek News Bullets
'Star Trek XI' Sneak Peek at WonderCon, Starfleet cadet, 'Star Trek' QUOGS,


Before mid-Feb, it was its usual active self. Then, starting in mid-February, the news update became so slow that I grew concerned that something was going on with the site (hence my post)
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