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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

Marie--For a Cardassian, victory is about two things: the physical defeat of the enemy AND the removal of the threat. The latter you accomplish not just by crushing your enemy but by making them see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. Given the restrictions on Jem'Hadar thought processes, there is no way to accomplish that, no incentive to "reason."

(In the case of the Vorta--there are restrictions, yes...but since the Vorta were left with a bit more in the terms of creative thought processes than the Jem'Hadar, there WAS the option of making Dasreen see in his final moments just how wrong he'd been!)

Weyoun deferred to Dukat, but he didn't have any problem being a jackass towards Damar, who he perceived as weak. Which Damar was as long as he had his drinking problem. But Weyoun failed to recognize there would come a point he'd end up pushing Damar too far and bringing out a much stronger side of him.

Dasreen's behavior...first there's rank. Weyoun was, at least, dealing with the supposed leader of the Cardassian Union and wanted the image of an equal alliance (which was, of course, a total lie). Even with Damar he kept up that fašade at first. Dasreen is dealing with one of the youngest guls in the Cardassian Guard--not someone he has to maintain any illusion of equality with.

And then there are Dasreen's other, more disgusting reasons to have a contemptuous attitude towards Gul Berat. Add all that together, and it made sense for Dasreen to behave in a truly outrageous, if not outright hideous manner.

I felt awful writing those things. The outrage, disgust, and mortification Berat felt, I felt as I wrote. My ears were literally burning!

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I haven't read any of the Trek novels in a long time. How and ever, I'm seriously considering the DS9 stuff, especially the Cardassian stuff ever since I started reading your stories. Somehow, I feel I'll feel partly disappointed by them when I do after getting engrossed in your universe.
Well, I don't strictly follow them--though I take inspiration from them, a large part is my own canon.

Thanks for the Caitlyn Ryan mention. Of course, reading your story just showed me the immense challenge that awaits me, when I come to writing her story and portraying the different Cardassians she'll have to meet.

Most will unfortunately be quite dark characters with little redeeming features. But I don't want them to be 2D caricatures. Scared though at the prospect, after reading yet another fantastic story from yourself. I shall be bending your ear closer to the time. And locking myself up in a dark room!
You're very welcome for the mention--you deserved it!

I think you're going to do fine in your own writing. "A Question of Survival" definitely worked for me, and I'm sure any follow-up work will be excellent! Though I'm certainly willing to listen.
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