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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

BTW...if you ever read Betrayal, it would be very interesting to see what you thought of how I projected the character of Berat forward seven years. I did have to extrapolate a lot considering Berat in that novel was near his breaking point (think of your Caitlyn Ryan, to think of how far he'd been pushed), and had not had command training yet, but I'd like to hope it's still the same character.
I haven't read any of the Trek novels in a long time. How and ever, I'm seriously considering the DS9 stuff, especially the Cardassian stuff ever since I started reading your stories. Somehow, I feel I'll feel partly disappointed by them when I do after getting engrossed in your universe.

Thanks for the Caitlyn Ryan mention. Of course, reading your story just showed me the immense challenge that awaits me, when I come to writing her story and portraying the different Cardassians she'll have to meet.

Most will unfortunately be quite dark characters with little redeeming features. But I don't want them to be 2D caricatures. Scared though at the prospect, after reading yet another fantastic story from yourself. I shall be bending your ear closer to the time. And locking myself up in a dark room!

It was indeed a very constricting, claustrophobic feeling--and I'm actually very glad I went through that. Gul Berat himself had to be feeling exactly the same thing...especially after Dasreen had to twist the knife on him with such horrible words. And I am SO glad to see that came through to you as the reader.
All that definitely came through. And it is clear that you love the world building. It is a truly fascinating, in turn dark and I repeat claustrophobic, world that you create.
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