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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

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Tsk tsk...
You must stop killing my Jem'Hadar!
Just because they're taking over your ships... and quadrant...

I love Vorta ownage, OTOH!

But seriously- I'd been looking forward to this, and it didn't disappoint!
I like the decision/plot making, the internal thinking and creativity- new and creative anti-Vorta techniques, and important questions that I don't know the Feds ever asked.
I'll send you a PM later with more...
I'm afraid "your" Jem'Hadar had to be eliminated. One does not stop to reason with what one cannot negotiate with; that is the Cardassian way.

But I'm glad you enjoyed Dasreen getting what he had coming to him. If ever any Vorta deserved to be thrown in a freezer, it was him, for all the horrible stuff he said!

Seriously--I even felt bad having to write the awful things that came out of his mouth!
Ohhhhh... I wanted to *slap* him... well, he does get punched, which is better. But he's the worst I've seen so far! Even Weyoun will defer to Dukat if Odo's not involved. At least, kinda- like when Kira wanted the Bajoran security, Dukat said no. When Kira pushed it, Weyoun asked Dukat to reconsider, but when Dukat wouldn't, Weyoun just asked Kira to let the matter rest. Though maybe, since he complained after Kira left, it was more a "we're happy allies" front.
TBH, I was wondering how you felt writing those things, as it did have to be terrible to ellicit such a response. And such behaviour is something I know we both find abhorant.

Ah, come on...
I'd say beam them into a box/cage... but that'd only work as long as you could get White for them which might be problematic. Being in space is pretty well instantaneous death, isn't it?
"He sings lounges? I'm not familiar with that musical form."
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