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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See" (Short Sto

Marie1 wrote: View Post
Tsk tsk...
You must stop killing my Jem'Hadar!
Just because they're taking over your ships... and quadrant...

I love Vorta ownage, OTOH!

But seriously- I'd been looking forward to this, and it didn't disappoint!
I like the decision/plot making, the internal thinking and creativity- new and creative anti-Vorta techniques, and important questions that I don't know the Feds ever asked.
I'll send you a PM later with more...
I'm afraid "your" Jem'Hadar had to be eliminated. One does not stop to reason with what one cannot negotiate with; that is the Cardassian way.

But I'm glad you enjoyed Dasreen getting what he had coming to him. If ever any Vorta deserved to be thrown in a freezer, it was him, for all the horrible stuff he said!

Seriously--I even felt bad having to write the awful things that came out of his mouth!

mirandafave wrote: View Post
It is amazing how indepth your world is. A reader is totally immersed into when they read.

I felt an almost confining claustrophobia as Berat faced off against the Vorta. An unusual and enterprising method of disposing of a foe. It also fitted the character of Berat and represented a huge challenge for him to pull off. found a PERFECT word for what I went through in the writing process, one I hadn't even thought of!

I wanted to write this story for months. I've known for a long time that Berat was responsible for taking out the Vorta, and I wanted very badly to show it, but you have NO idea how many ideas and plans I went through and had to dismiss for one reason or the other. So many of them were ideas that would've been great under almost any other circumstances, but the second I got to the actual logistics of carrying them out, I'd run into one problem or another--things I wouldn't have had to consider if, say, Yejain had been the one responsible for the takedown.

It was very, very different from writing the takedown planning in The Thirteenth Order. I didn't even have to detail the physical mechanics of the takedown other than that they got Arawil alone--after all, they could've done anything from a disruptor shot to injecting her with something to throwing something to a knock-down drag-out fight. I was able to have fun with that one because of all the options that were open to me, and I was laughing as I wrote the scene. I had the liberty to be silly.

This one was totally the opposite (in fact, you're seeing up there a number of options I had to immediately dismiss). Everything was going to have to be planned down to a T beforehand, had to be scripted and controlled in the extreme, and most of all--it had to be within Berat's physical abilities to carry out. Berat is willing to gamble when it comes to combat maneuvers and his gambles tend to pay off quite well...but THIS absolutely could not be a gamble because if anything went wrong, there was no doubt he would die in a fight he could not win. And the blow to his crew and the rebellion as a whole could well have been insurmountable. (I won't spoil it, but each of the four guls brings something crucial to the Thirteenth Order and they all had to be a part of it.)

It was indeed a very constricting, claustrophobic feeling--and I'm actually very glad I went through that. Gul Berat himself had to be feeling exactly the same thing...especially after Dasreen had to twist the knife on him with such horrible words. And I am SO glad to see that came through to you as the reader.

Everything in your stories are just so. The detail and language is exacting. It all leads to a world richly layered and textured. Charactered fleshed out (or scaled, I suppose in the case of Cardassians) in rich details, with flaws and strengths, mannerisms and speech patterns, codes of honour and ethical choices.

This short story is no less so. It is a fascinating look at Berat and how he pulled off a coup against his Dominion interlopers. Congratulations on some very fine writing.
Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoy the worldbuilding more than anything--I love the freedom it gives me...and I'm glad you liked the results.

BTW...if you ever read Betrayal, it would be very interesting to see what you thought of how I projected the character of Berat forward seven years. I did have to extrapolate a lot considering Berat in that novel was near his breaking point (think of your Caitlyn Ryan, to think of how far he'd been pushed), and had not had command training yet, but I'd like to hope it's still the same character.
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