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Re: Are you awesome?

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But it's more fun to list the positive ones. So, I think everyone ought to take a minute and list the things that make them awesome. Find just one thing about yourself that is genuinely cool -- everyone has something (even if they think they don't). So long as you remember that everyone else has some awesomeness about them too (however well it might be hidden), then you don't risk becoming an egotist.
Ah. Okay then. I'm very intelligent. And that's the truth----I don't think I'm smarter than I really am, like a couple of people around here I won't name. It's just the way I am, and I have the iffy social skills that often go with high intelligence to boot.

That last wasn't a good thing, just supporting evidence.

I've got a good job, decent pay, a fine apartment, fun most indications I'm doing pretty well.

Unfortunately thinking on the good always leads me inevitably back to what I don't have. The girl I like who I'm pretty sure doesn't see me that way. The girl who I think likes me whom I'm still not sure how I want to approach. My general difficulty getting anyone past the acquaintance level into real friend territory. Etc.
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