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Re: My Name Is Bruce

My Name is Bruce was a HUGE disappointment, and I'm a Bruce Campbell enthusiast. I mean, it's okay that it was lowbudget and looked that way. But the villain was stupid (they should have done zombies or better, deadites), Ted Raimi was irritating and overused, the emo/punk kids were stupid, and most of the jokes were really lame. Even Campbell's dry delivery couldn't save those. And worst of all, they introduce a love interest with a huge pair of hooters and we don't even get to see them.

Bruce Campbell deserves better than this. Bruce Campbell deserves better than himself. Someone should write a good screenplay for him and hire a director with the same energy Sam Raimi had when he made Evil Dead.

My advice to Bruce Campbell fans is, skip this turd and watch Army of Darkness for the 666th time.
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