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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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BSG could have learned a lot from Lost. It took Lost quite a while but it's getting stronger as it goes on and I can definitely see the writers had a plan all along. Unlike the Cylons and especially unlike the BSG writing staff. They had themes they wanted to explore with BSG. God, war, genocide, religion, torture, survival, etc. But the long-term planning has been simply awful.
Long-term planning isn't necessary for a solid storyline to be achieved. DS9 did a lot of its stuff on the fly and you couldn't tell.

BSG is obviously more interested in the character stuff and only threw in the mythology to give a bone to fans of that sort of thing. Plot was also secondary on this--no surprise given Moore was never strong on that. Nothing wrong with that though. Just for my personal preference I like a balance of character and plot which a show like Lost provides.

Another issue with BSG is that the writers can't seem to discipline themselves when it comes to fitting material into an episode or a season leading to important scenes deleted and a sense of something in the narrative is missing.

But if you love the characters of course you are going to have fewer complaints about BSG. For me a lot of the character scenes these days aren't compelling. Just putting two characters in a scene and talking doesn't make it dramatic gold. And on the individual characters front, I can't say what Apollo, Baltar, the Final Five, Caprica Six etc have done this season has made their characters interesting or worthwhile.
Once they started exploring the Cylons in detail, they completely fell apart as characters.
The problem with the Cylons is that they never were interesting enough as characters or villians.
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