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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

Temis, I have to say that a lot of your rants the last few weeks have been dead on. I love BSG but the lack of pre-planning the storyline has hurt the show a lot. Agreed too about the Adama hysterics. He's played the drama queen too many times with his crying in order for it to be effective. This past season has been Adama curling up into a ball and sobbing.

I'm pretty sure they could.
Its just that they don't want to, because they chose a different approach to storytelling.
This show is NOT Lost. Nor did it ever want to be.
BSG could have learned a lot from Lost. It took Lost quite a while but it's getting stronger as it goes on and I can definitely see the writers had a plan all along. Unlike the Cylons and especially unlike the BSG writing staff. They had themes they wanted to explore with BSG. God, war, genocide, religion, torture, survival, etc. But the long-term planning has been simply awful. Once they started exploring the Cylons in detail, they completely fell apart as characters. The writers never knew what the hell the Cylons wanted to be and their "plan" constantly shifted. Let's destroy humanity. No, let's rule humanity. Frak that, let's go to Earth! Frak that, let's wipe em all out!!!
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