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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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No, sorry, it really isn't.
You don't get to make that decision, since you were never the showrunner.
Because I'm a show viewer, you bet I get to make that call.
Funny, that the show is still the same though, isn't it?
Yes, but good writing will develop characters AND the plot. Yes, that is more difficult but that's why it's called good writing.
Why the frak does it have to be both all the time??
The plot is developed as long as it serves the development of the characters, nothing more. It's got a lower prioritiy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it is simply a different school of thought.
I could care less about the plot as long as I get great character moments delivered by great actors.
Its just that lately, everyone and their mother is all about Plot, Plot Plot and some more Plot. You know, like those annoying children at the backseat of a car yelling "Are we there yet?" all the time.
Just chill and have some faith, for fraks sake. RDM is a talented and expierienced writer, surrounded by a great cast and crew, which is why I fully trust them to wrap everything up nicely in the finale.
Until then, I'm gonna enjoy those last calm and character centric episodes for what they are. Or, to be precise, I DID enjoy them.

In the end, if it's ALL about the characters, you might as well write a soap. And BSG went down that path as well.
A soap is just bad and unimaginative characterdrama, mainly focussing on love-relationships between extremely cliched characters.
BSG hasn't done that. I admit, it came quite close with the quadrangle of doom, but that stopped pretty quickly.
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