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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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I hope this episode blows me away. I want to like this final set of episodes and join in the celebratory crowd here but I feel like such a downer. Just please finish the season strong.
the show is as good as it has ever been, if not better.

BSG has always been about drama first, art second, mythology a distant third, and hard scifi even further behind that.
No, sorry, it really isn't.
You don't get to make that decision, since you were never the showrunner.
The show has always been about the characters.
The story and mythology were moved forward mostly towards the ending and beginning (and middle) of seasons. What was in between always focused on the characters. This is how it has always been, and the show is definitely not gonna change its tune in its final hours. Get over it or stop watching.

The BSG writers should've looked to Lost to see how to write an excellent extended story where both the characters AND plot are developed week in, week out. BSG suffers because the writers can't seem to do both at the same time.
I'm pretty sure they could.
Its just that they don't want to, because they chose a different approach to storytelling.
This show is NOT Lost. Nor did it ever want to be.

It's funny because BSG's premise is more up my alley than Lost's premise. However, the execution on Lost is so much better that I typically end up enjoying its episodes more.
And thats perfectly fine. Me, I gave up on Lost during Season three and never bothered to tune in again (too much random deaths of characters that I really liked).
But I accept that Lost tells its story in a different way, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Because it wouldn't be Lost anymore.
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