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Vanguard: Open Secrets extract in Star Trek Magazine 17

With two months or so to the release of the new movie, Star Trek Magazine 17 includes an extract from Dayton Ward's own contribution to the 23rd Century, Vanguard: Open Secrets, which also puts a face to a couple of characters never seen on screen. It's the first of three issues dedicated primarily to the movie, but there's a lot of other material too, including Howard Weinstein talking about introducing new fans to Trek, a 5 page tribute to Majel Roddenberry (with pictures from her memorial service) by Bob Greenberger, and a feature on Star Trek: Countdown, which includes exclusive art designs by David Messina for Nero and Spock and some insight into the dating of the comic.
The movie material includes some interesting comments from Paramount's Marc Evans about why the studio turned to J.J., Bad Robot's Bryan Burk explaining the secrecy surrounding the movie, production designer Scott Chambliss describing the design logic, and insight into the casting decisions from casting director April Webster.
Add in reviews of Mere Anarchy, Wounds, Over a Torrent Sea and Full Circle and high quality reprints of the monochrome posters for Kirk and Spock and it's a full package. Available in the next 2 weeks in the US, and very early April in the UK.
Plus - advance notice that the 100 page issue 18, which includes all-new interviews with the cast members talking in detail about the film, will go on sale the weekend of release for the movie in both the US and UK. This is a one-off simultaneous release.
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