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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

Interesting comments. I write reviews on my Livejournal page about this show and one of the things that was brought up this week was the idea of answering questions vs. dealing with human emotion. My main point, and the reason why I didn't really enjoy the episode last week was because I'm all for human emotion and drama, but it should be interesting and if it isn't, than things should be revealed. This is the final 3 episodes of the show, and things should start being brought to closure. I think the writers have taken too much time meandering and not letting the characters feel the effect (Based on the concept of cause and effect) of thier consequences. I'm talking of course mainly about Kara, but the other characters too. I mean how many times can we see Adama walk around his ship being all gloomy because it's dying? How many times can Balter preach without it getting boring. Good character development requires allowing the characters to jump to that next level, and that and the mysteries that have been facing us two years now is really what I expect from this show.

With that being said, I find these comments interesting because this episode was full of human emotion and I absolutely loved it. I did feel this week a sense of closure coming, and a sense that whatever we learn about Starbuck is going to be coming really really soon. I do wish we knew by now but I think this episode still dealt with the "effect" portion quite well. Adama having to let go finally, Kara letting go finally, and we got to see more of Lee.

What I really liked about this episode though were the character moments. I loved the funeral scene and hearing the old Season 1 theme song again (The one everyone hated that wasn't done during the Britain showings), or the Hand of God theme at the end, or the scenes with Ellen and Saul, or the final scene with Adama and Saul. It's these moments that did give me a sense of things starting to wrap up and I thought it was a great set up for the finale. In fact, I think this is in my top 3 episodes of the season. Next week is when the storm comes, but this week was the calm before.

Excellent excellent episode.
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