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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

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I hope this episode blows me away. I want to like this final set of episodes and join in the celebratory crowd here but I feel like such a downer. Just please finish the season strong.
the show is as good as it has ever been, if not better.

BSG has always been about drama first, art second, mythology a distant third, and hard scifi even further behind that.
Yeah, and I appreciate that. I just want to be interested and intrigued in that drama. I feel it's been a bit stiff lately.
it's always been a bit stiff, imho.

BSG isn't a "human" drama like SFU, much as it wants to be. But that's the price you pay for watching a story that includes politics, mythology and fantasy. Even in part.

I mean, ffs. Starbuck was having a heart to heart with her supposedly dead, incorporeal Cylon dad, Tyrol's upset because his kid isn't half robot, Roslin is struggling to be a good holy figure and when Lee gets disappointed by his father, it's because he just ordered an assasination or something.

These are not things that you'd expect everyone to really relate to.
This is bigger than us. This is life.
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