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Re: Star Trek season 1 on blu-ray: April 28

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People bitching about the "poor" quality on DVD's in the future?
They are poor quality, whether you want to accept it or not. Even a theatrical film from sixty years ago is losing over half its resolution when transferred to DVD.

TV is another thing altogether, of course. I've got some TV series collections on DVD, and I'm basically getting the same picture quality I got when I watched it on television originally. But feature films are different.

Were you just as upset when people stopped accepting pan-and-scan format on VHS?

Yeah, I call that a bad thing. I can't stand what I like to call picture & sound-fags with the mambo-jambo talk about the different tracks, resolution and whatnot.
I'm not a video- or audio-phile, so I can't go that far, but I don't see how seeing films more like they were originally meant to be seen is a bad thing.

As for the collector part, I am a collector, and I like my collection to look good. Having, for an example 11 Star Trek films on DVD, and next to them (in a couple of years) are 2 Bluray DVD's of part 12 & 13, because DVD no longer exists. It will look crap in the shelf, which is why I sold off my 250+ VHS tapes to start all over again with DVD's a couple of years ago, now it seems I may have to start all over again just a few years later? Fuck that.
I've got a spot where I keep my DVDs and another spot where I keep my blurays. You can still play your DVDs on bluray, you know.

To each his own, though. I suggest you watch a few classic films on bluray, though. It may change your mind. If not, well, again, to each his own.
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