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I've always imagined the angled tubular structures behind the grid in what was usually the "back" wall of main engineering served the same purpose as the later vertical arrangement used by starfleet from the Constitution class refit and onward.

But I just watch the show.
Certainly a possibility. Some days I wish I just watched the show. Other people think that too.


Hey gang,

I got some TMP screen caps last night to help the discussion, though I am concerned that a possible thread-jacking situation may be underway... Kent, are we going way OT here, or is this what you want?

But, I've been having too much fun lately (darn computers, and they aren't even mine!), so I haven't gotten anything written up to go with them (not to mention it takes forever for Photobucket's interface to get its job done (darn Java, ActiveX, PHP, and all other scripting languages!). I would really rather say something other than darn, BTW.

In the mean time, there is some stuff in my (sigh, overly long) post here, and other people have made contributions as well.

Praetor, I didn't meant to ignore your kind remark in my last post, I was just again left with very little time to throw a post together. My kingdom for a 44k connection at home and a secure OS that can use a winmodem.

Of course, its not really much of a kingdom.

Timo, I certainly didn't mean to be shutting down your point of view with my blathering. In all honesty, talking about these things with people that have a different viewpoint lets me re-examine my own positions and look at things in new ways. For a lot of TOS we have multiple possibilities for the same "problem". Finding more is half the fun.
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