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Re: if Chakotay doesn't have a last name, when he gets married...

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but i always took the term Squaw being it's own plural to suggest a harem.

Guy, I know you probably don't care--nor probably does anyone else--but the word "squaw" as used today is a pejorative against Native American women.
I assumed as much, but no ones using it in deference, or lack of deference to "todays" female citizens of the first nation.
I'm an American Indian woman and the word is offensive. You wouldn't use the n-word. Why use this?

Merely looking at the roots and anthropological tradition of Chakotay, who I constantly refer to as "The Indian" only because Rob Beltran is Mexican (I saw a south park the other day where Cheech and Chong were trying to pass themselves off as native Americans to sell crap through a holistic medicine outlet.) and I think it's funny they couldn't find an actual native Americans to play a Native American in the middle of Occupied America. It's almost as unmindful as blackface comedians if you wish to get really astute about it.
Your lack of information is showing.

Indigenous Americans are those who trace their ancestry to the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas, both north and south. That, yes, includes Central America.

Ever heard of the Maya? The Aztecs? The Inca?

They did a lot wrong with Chakotay's background, but casting a mestizo Chicano wasn't one of them.
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.
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