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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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I think when you said 'more Kazons' you meant 'Vidiians.'
Oh yes, definitely more Vidiians too! I forgot about those guys. They were probably the most promising aliens Voyager met on the journey, I would have liked to see more of them. But I would also have liked to see more Kazon, only make them less Klingon and less stupid. (Oxymoron?)
Not at all. Some would say less Klingon and less stupid go hand in hand.

I think the real mistake with the Kazon was trying to pretend they were anything but a thinly disguised desire to have a Delta Quadrant equivalent of Klingons. Had the producers operated aware of the fact they were copying themselves, we might have had a more unique and therefore interesting race.

Yay! If you quit, I wouldn't get to be scared by how much we agree anymore. Plus, you're saving me from doing all this, even though I guess I don't qualify as a hater.
According to that thread I don't either. I'm really upset about the whole thing, my whole thread has been a lie.
It's okay, I'll still call you a hater if you want, hater. Why you got to be such a hater all the time, hater?
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