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I have met Sir Paul McCartney and he was so friendly. He spoke to both me and my girlfriend when we bumped into him on his own in Regent's Park in London. He was intersted where we where from and so humble. Top bloke!
I agree. I met him years ago, in a restaurant.

I was eating dinner with my girlfriend at the time. A group of people walked by, and a young kid about eleven was fishing something out of his pocket and dropped a watch on the floor.

I picked it up, followed them to their table, and gave the watch back to the kid. No big deal.

Ten minutes later, I noticed Paul McCartney walk in. A minute after that, he comes up to our table and thanks me for giving his son the watch back. It had been a gift.

Very nice guy. No drama.

And from the glances, he certainly appreciated my girl's big tits, too.

Joe, ditto
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