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Re: WATCHMEN - Movie Discussion and Grading (SPOILERS)

A. I'll tell you why.

My actual first encounter with Watchmen was when it was first run as a comic miniseries. The only issue I ever bought at the time was the one that focused on Rorschach in prison, (I didn't read the whole thing until it was available in trade paperback.) so that's the most vivid part of the story in my memory.

For me, a comic movie's worth is based on how much of what was depicted in the comic it gets right, so while I was enjoying the movie up to that point, it didn't actually feel like it was bringing the story to life for me until it got to those scenes of Rorschach and the psychologist in the interrogation room.

That was when the "cool movie" switch toggled in my brain. So, A.

mosh wrote: View Post
EDIT: 80% of the scenes fell flat, as they were lifted straight out of the comic book.
Kinda the point of a good comic movie.

Most insight were gutted from the book (E.g Rorshach's changed scene with the Swat Team, Silk Spectre's characterization, e.g.) at best, reducing character's dimensions to the grand total of one, and at worst, destroying the story, literally leaving the film as pointless. Can any of you tell me what this film was about? I can tell you what the graphic novel was about... this film... not so much.
Oh, really? Because when I finally read the full story I thought it was nothing more than pretentious nonsense, which is actually like saying "the sky is blue" because everything Alan Moore writes is pretentious nonsense. But obviously I must have missed the Grand Shining Insight you saw, because I think the movie pretty much delivered on the "pretentious" trademark. So why don't you explain what the graphic novel is about for those of us who obviously don't share your Ozymandias-like big brain?
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