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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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re: your short story-I'm not reading it(much as i want to) until this is done-don't care to be spoiled. So don't think I'm ignoring it-just waiting.
It actually won't spoil anything that you haven't already read in The Thirteenth Order, if you've kept up with this thread so far. (Just Chapters 1-6, over at Ad Astra, which I know you've read.) That spoiler warning is really there for people who haven't started The Thirteenth Order.

Think of it more like a flashback into the early chapters. You saw how Macet and company got rid of the Dominion on their ship.'ll get to see how Gul Berat and HIS crew pulled it off, at the same time. And all I'll say is Berat pulled off WAY more than you might think he could...
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