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Re: Star Trek season 1 on blu-ray: April 28

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EDIT: Come to think of it... anyone here have the whole Star Trek collection on VHS? Back in the day I bought like fifteen episodes. A couple episodes of TNG, too. Anyone here have every format released so far, VHS, DVD, and now buying the bluray?
Hahaha, what a great question. I have presently:

Three early VHS tapes with the "two episode per" that shocased certain episodes.

Laserdisc - full series
VHS - Paramount first run/1 episode each: full series
Columbia House: Full series
DVD: All 40 individual volumes
The season box sets
TOS-R seasons 2 & 3
HD-DVD: TOS-R season 1

Actually, at this point, I'm going for getting the series in every format it has or is oging to be released on. Might as well. :-)
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