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Re: My Name Is Bruce

I like Bruce a lot. I've got five or so of his films and also his two books. Even I can't sit through some of the crap he's in, so I'm not obssessed.

Any Bruce Campbell fan knows the best thing about his is his charm and personality. He revels in his B-actor persona, and has a hell of a lot of fun making these movies, and it just radiates to the audience. My Name is Bruce has it's flaws, but Campbell is great in this, and he's backed up by a decent premise and some funny moments. It's not as good as the ED films or Bubba Ho-tep, but is a lot better than most everything else.

I would also never reccomend this to a non-bruce fan. This is clearly a movie for the fans, and I suspect most of the charm and inside gags would be lost on them.

btw, I really loved the use of the cardboard cutout at the end
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