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Re: WATCHMEN - Movie Discussion and Grading (SPOILERS)

Just got back from a midnight showing.



More tommorow.

EDIT: 80% of the scenes fell flat, as they were lifted straight out of the comic book. Most of the actors had no insight into their characters, merely thought they were acting out some tome, so the scenes fell short and the acting felt either melodramatic or wooden.

Most insight were gutted from the book (E.g Rorshach's changed scene with the Swat Team, Silk Spectre's characterization, e.g.) at best, reducing character's dimensions to the grand total of one, and at worst, destroying the story, literally leaving the film as pointless. Can any of you tell me what this film was about? I can tell you what the graphic novel was about... this film... not so much.

On a tangent, the audience for this film gave me more of an unfortunate insight into humanity than this film could ever hope to achieve. I came out disappointed, and men from their late twenties to their early forties celebrated the film as some revelation, making me fear deeply for the place of fiction in society. If people can't abdicate their stupid beliefs for two hours, more or less, then we might be heading to a very dark place indeed...

Then again, they could put on these beliefs for the benefit of their group, as soon as the credits rolled... So maybe someone in the Renfrew St Cineworld, Glasgow, felt the same as me.

On a positive note, That Zach Snyder must have been some music video director. Nat King Cole's 'Unforgettable' played over The Comedian's execution was very enjoyable.

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