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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

Above Average. Next week (or two) looks as Excellent as it gets.

THREE YEARS with Dharma? The mind boggles. Didn't anyone think, "hey lemme get on that sub so I can make some well timed investments in brand spanking new companies named 'Microsoft' and 'Apple'"? Sawyer and Juliet are models of loyalty. Then again, we didn't see what Miles and Faraday got up to.

Sawyer's first meeting (right?) with Richard Alpert was great. Now the Losties are the ones making eerie, cryptic statements and freaking people out.

I'm loving this show more than ever now that they've dropped the flashback structure.
WE FINALLY SEE THE STATUE AGAIN. Three ****ing years waiting for another Statue appearance. Thank yew. Can't wait to see a screen grab! And now we know it was frickin' huge, to see it that far away.
The statue has pointed ears! It's a Dominion invasion!

I love how we're all Juliet shippers around here.
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