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Re: if Chakotay doesn't have a last name, when he gets married...

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I'm looking about out my window and I can smell the after woft of plenty of pretentious wankers who need to prove that they are not cattle, but over all marriage is just a lark and name changing is just part of the game, though I have a Dutch friend who was just overjoyed to take on an English sounding name so that the natives here would stop butchering her own mother tongue. However half a world away and 5 years later, she remarried an immigrant Ducth fellow and shes back to square one with a new unpronounceable name all the stupid Kiwi's can't quite get their tongue around. I defy you to prove to me that Seven of nine or Chuckles are not early 20th century Hasidic Jews?
I really don't know what you are talking about. Really.
crib notes.

You said you didn't know about Oz and new Zealand.

I am in New Zealand right now.

I then gave an example of a female friends marriage habits who is living in new Zealand too but was born and raised to the age of maybe twelve in Holland.

Then I remarked about the questrionalble traditional heritage these people t might abide by. Just because Seven didn't know where she came from other than being Borg, her gran might teach her all sorts of things, which be that as it may, she is probably into polyandry and communal living, but Chakotay managed to keep track of his genealogy back some 400 years that he knows that there was a female teacher alive in 1996 with his blood in her.

Can you imagine the balls on the Missionary that tries to convert the Borg withe the good word?

I was also being a punk.


Personally my mother didn't marry and I have her name. I didn't marry but my child has a hyphenated name created from my name plus his mothers, but I was annoyed because I thought it would be an interesting traddition if he took his mothers name like I took mine.
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