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The Beatles wouldn't have been the the Beatles without Ringo. My comment meant exactly what it implied--Ringo's a shorty (as in NOT very tall).

Ringo's "talents" can be debated til the cows come home but, as John himself pointed out, they didn't become THE BEATLES until Ringo joined. He had (has) personality and unique style of playing that was favored by John and Paul's tendencies to experiment. Part of the charm of the entire group was how they could manage such incredible music despite certain limitations. None of them could read or write music. John himself stated he was not "technically" a good guitarist. But, he pointed out, he was an artist and a creative human being and therefore capable of making someting out of whatever tools he had to work with.

A LOT of what makes a group or a person successful is "personality". Ringo brought that in by the truckload. I'd put him second only to John as far as quick wit goes and, as bizarre as John's observations could become, Ringo's balanced by being mundane and very ordinary. I mean, it was Ringo who took cans of beans in a suitcase to India and the Maharishi's camp, for crying out loud, because he couldn't stomach the local food.
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