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When the HELL is "Let It Be" getting a release? Last time it was on home video was in the very early '80s when VHS was new-ish...and it's NEVER been on DVD.
We're probably not going to see a Let It Be DVD release. At least, not for a very long time. People would need to change.

The problem is that Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia need to be in 100-percent agreement; it's how the Beatles are structured. (It's the same reason that as much as Paul wants to see "Carnival of Light" released, it won't be; George vetoed it thirteen years ago for Anthology 2, and Olivia's probably going to keep on vetoing it.)

It's widely believed that Paul is the sticking point on Let It Be, yet he's the one who has said in interviews frequently that he would like to see it released.

My guess is that Yoko is the sticking point. The film doesn't paint a particularly flattering portrait of John, and Yoko has a particular image of John that she's fought for nearly thirty years to protect. Look at the way Imagine: John Lennon whitewashes the early 70s (and casts May Pang's role in an ahistorical light), or her anger toward Philip Norman's new biography (which is rather positive, actually). As much as Yoko says herself that John Lennon was just a man, anything that actually shows that he was anything other than St. John of Lennon doesn't fly with her.

One of the best suggestions I've heard is that the cannisters of film footage from the Twickenham and Apple sessions could be recut into a completely different film of the making of Let It Be, one that put a rosier picture on what happened in those days as a supplement or a replacement for the film. In a way, the final part of The Beatles Anthology is almost there. But that may be the most... inoffensive version of events of early 1969 that's possible, too.
Even though John himself called the "Let It Be" sessions the most misreable on Earth and a living hell, I think there is plenty of good and netertaining stuff to be had in the footage they filmed. Youtube is littered with bits and pieces and snippets of stuff that was not in the original film and it's great. There's plenty of footage of the Boys having fun and clowning and carrying on. Despite John's claim (and he was SLIGHTLY prone to exaggeration from time to time) I think there WERE enjoyable times to be had there.

I'm certain an fun entertaining movie could be cut fromt he film available--assuming there is quality footage available. The stuff I've seen on Youtube tends to be in black and white and low copy quality.

We know what happened to the Beatles. I'm NOT interested in seeing another film showing the band "disintegrating". That's the "Let It Be" film. But the guys WERE magical together and I know there is magic to be seen that hasn't been shown yet. I'd love to see it. No one needs to "re-write" history to make a film showing the fun parts of generally bad time. You can't re-do it anyway because what happened, HAPPENED and is done. But I'd like to peek in the windows of Twickingham one more time and see John, Paul George, Ringo and Billy having fun and playing and clowning. Who wouldn't?

A couple funny clips here:
OHHhhhhh . . . the pain . . . the pain . . .

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