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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

Mr Awe wrote: View Post
Above average. I really enjoyed this episode. The Lost writers have done an excellent job combining the character developments with the plot developments. The characters grow AND we learn a lot about Dharma life and the jumping has stopped. Good progression all around (the BSG writers can learn from this except, oh, that series is almost over).

Sawyer has totally changed to someone who is part of a community now and that change has seemed totally natural. The relationship between him and Juliet also seems totally natural even though it would've been hard to predict before. Not too long ago, see them life with Dharma would've been unpredictable but it was very enjoyable.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle it with Jack, Hurley, and Kate. Clearly, Sawyer wants to protect his community, probably at the expense of the other survivors. I hope they don't go to far down that path because I think that'll get tedious quickly.

So far so good. It's interesting. But, I hope their time at Dharma is limited because I think that'll get old.

Finally, it's hard to say what the series is about at this point. Before, it was getting rescued and then getting back to the island and stopping the jumping. Now, they're back, the jumping is stopped. What else is there?

Get back to their own time? Or maybe, go back to the distant past and check out that civilization? Maybe, but why? I think the goal of the series is at this point very unclear, at least to me. That hasn't interfered with my enjoyment yet but hope we get some indication soon!

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I think the goal now is first to get everyone back together, and then get everyone back together in the same time.
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