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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

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Screencap of statue

It looks like a woman!
I think it's supposed to be the Egyptian god Anubis. Notice what looks like pointy ears? Plus, jackals have four toes. And he carried the ankh (but so did other Egyptian gods), symbolizing eternal life and fertility - the Island can grant and take away both life and fertility.

I can't tell if that statue has four toes or five, but it makes little difference as they could just be taking the four-toed jackal thing more literally with the statue on the show.

Anubis was the God of mummification and the afterlife, both very important on the Island, with its resurrecting bodies from the dead and Richard's insistence on retrieving the dead man (Paul) as reciprocity for the death of two his people.

Would make the title of the episode "This Place is Death" more interesting.
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