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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

How did Richard get past the sonic fence? Did he just have ear plugs? 'Cause I imagine that Amy had to set the fence to a lower setting in order to safely pass through it with just the plugs, versus the strength needed to repulse Cerebus in "Left Behind". I bet he came through the lake or the tunnels/subway.

BTW wasn't it hilarious the way all of our characters walk through the fence all at once so they can all be knocked out, rather than one at a time?

Oh y'know what, I guess the Statue could equally be Anubis, "the god to protect the dead and bring them to the afterlife." The picture looks identical to Horus from the rear. This would more in keeping with the underworld tone of the series thus far. "Anubis was sometimes associated with Sirius in the heavens, and Cerberus in Hades." Hello, Cerebus! I dunno though, the Anubis pictures have him with HUGE ears and the Statue only has very tiny ear/bumps. But Horus, with a falcon head, has NO ears. So I guess it's just Anubis with tiny swept back ears, for some reason.
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