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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

3.75/4 Another excellent episode, missing only a Cerebus appearance to make it total classic

WE FINALLY SEE THE STATUE AGAIN. Three ****ing years waiting for another Statue appearance. Thank yew. Can't wait to see a screen grab! And now we know it was frickin' huge, to see it that far away.

It is just so cool seeing our characters living in the Dharma Initiative. I love Dharma. This was my theory back at the end of S4 and I was RIGHT! Very exciting. It's weird seeing Horace in charge, though. What about Chang? Or the DeGroots?

Wasn't Horace "with" the blonde teacher in "Man Behind the Curtain", both in the scene of Ben's birth and then later on the Island? Or am I mismembering?

Horace gets drunk and goes out dynamiting trees, exploding them up into the air... just like Cerebus does... was he trying to summon Cerebus in his drunken stupor?

Another Cerebus hint: the truce between Dharma and the Natives says that the Natives get all the dead bodies and this is very important to them. Why? So Cerebus can reanimate/consume them? Or so it/he can NOT? Fascinating.

I noticed that after the final flash Miles had grey hairs at the bottom of his sideburns. Were those there before and I just never noticed them, or is that a side effect?

Y'know this is the first Sawyer centric episode since 3X5? Been awhile!

It's nice to see Juliet in a larger role again. She was so underused in S4. I think she's a fascinating supporting character like Sayid, a cool collected thinker to guide the "leader" onto the right path. Kinda weird seeing them hook up like that, but they did have limited options. And I'm sure everybody will break up with everybody and it'll end up Jack/Juliet and Sawyer/Kate, the more logical pairings.
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