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Re: Lost 5x08: "LaFleur"

Like I said, I gave this one an 'excellent'.

- Great teaser. We saw the statue, which we will no doubt revist somehow, and we found out that Sawyer and the gang have been/will be on the island for the next three years. Wow.

- The teaser felt like a season-opener. It just had that vibe and style. It was a lot better than the real one we got for this season.

- Eventhough the story skipped ahead, it didn't feel rushed the way the last two episodes did. It was probably because they sort of went back to the traditional flashback format and gave us the kind of pacing we've been used to over the years.

- Both the island folk and the Oceanic 6 have been "synchronized". So far, it looks like Locke is the only one who hasn't experienced a three-year time period.

- Sawyer was pure awsomeness the way he handled both their cover story and Richard Alpert. Way to go.

- So, the sonic fence doesn't affect Richard eh? I wonder if they have some sort of immunity or if it's earplugs.

- Juliet looked great with her 70s style. And fortunately, she's been able to keep her hair blonde.

- The Canadian promo spoiled me on Kate appearing, but the reunion at the end was still great. Jack... Hurley... Everyone is back. Almost everyone. We still need the Ajira crash folks. I wonder where they are time-wise.

- What happened to Rose, Bernard and the other survivors?
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